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7 Jul 2011    4 Easy Fastpitch Softball Pitchers Spin Drills To Increase Spin and Speed

You hear it all the time. "It's all in the wrist". They may be talking about anything from bowling to curling. But today you are gonna learn a few quick tips on how to make your wrists and arms stronger for better, quicker spins for fastpitch pitchers.

6 Jul 2011    How To Restring Your Softball Glove And Save Money

Do you remember seeing that kid at second base catching that line drive rocket - only to have the ball sail right on out of his glove to the outfield? Yeah, the kid's glove had a couple broken laces and he just let it go and they lost the game. In this article you will discover resources for fixing that old glove of yours.

16 Jun 2011    Fastpitch Softball Pitchers - Stretching to Prevent Injuries

The fastpitch softball pitcher is the hardest working player on the field. Position players that flash those fancy fastpitch gloves around may not want to admit it but they all know it. The Windmill pitch is a very violent motion and one that can cause severe injury to the player if proper injury prevention stretches are not used.

3 Jun 2011    Should You Buy a 12 inch Softball Glove or a 13 inch Softball Glove?

Should I buy a 12 inch softball glove or 13 inch softball glove. That is the question. Now, let's see if we can find an answer that works for everyone.  This question comes up a lot on the forums and at the field. It seems no one knows what size girls softball gloves to buy. Let's take a look at the options.

1 Jun 2011    Reconditioning a Rain Soaked Softball Glove

We all love playing softball. After a long cold winter it is tough to stay off the field when tournament time comes around. Even if it is 37 degrees, the rain starts pouring and the beautifully worked infield turns into a mudball field.

1 Jun 2011    Pink, Purple, Red, Blue. Colored Laces Make Custom Fastpitch Gloves Affordable

Every player wants her fastpitch glove to be a custom glove. But most parents can't really afford to shell out the extra bucks for a custom softball glove. Now here is a way to get your kid a custom glove without that extra hundred buck price tag.

23 Dec 2010    5 Easy Softball Pitching Grip Strength Drills

If you are a fastpitch softball pitcher, you know it takes a good grip to make that ball spin. And we all know it is all about the spin. So here are some quick easy drills that will get you a strong grip - and most items are available from your pantry...

13 Dec 2010    Softball Gloves - Picking the Right Size

This article gives the new softball parents and those older players ready to make the move into the next level of softball glove, the much needed knowledge of what size and type of glove to choose.

7 Dec 2010    Breaking-in Your Ball Glove - Myths and Truths

I spend time on several different forums trying to gather new ideas about softball and also trying to help others when I can. This article attempts to dispel some of the myths and dangers of breaking in a softball glove or baseball glove.

4 Aug 2010    Softball Glove Review - Akadema AEA 65 Catchers Mitt

This glove has been in my arsenal for over a year now and still looks new. It performs like a glove 3 times it cost. It makes me look like a pro. Read the full review to find out more...

1 Aug 2010    Softball Glove Review - Akadema ACE 70

When looking for a new fastpitch glove you want to read some reviews. There are some out there but most are just those one-liners at the bottom of the sales page. Surfing through hundreds of forums hoping to find a decent review takes too much time. This article is a real users review of the ACE70 by Akadema. Enjoy, then get out there and get dirty.

29 Dec 2009    I Want to Play Fastpitch Softball and Need to Get in Shape

If you want some great ideas for softball workouts to get you into shape quickly - read on...

22 Dec 2009    How To Choose a Fastpitch Softball Glove

Choosing a fastpitch softball glove doesn't have to be a daunting challenge. Even with all the choices in size, patterns, styles, position specific, etc. This article will give you the knowledge to ask the right questions and help you choose your glove with confidence.

13 Dec 2009    How to Care For a Fastpitch Softball Glove the Right Way

Your new Fastpitch Softball Glove is something to be cherished. If you take care of it, it will take care of you on the field. This article will give you good tips on how to take care of your glove.


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