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AEA 65 34" Catcher Fastpitch Series


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AEA-65 -- Right or Left Hand Throw

Designed For: Catcher

Glove color: Brown back, Tan Web and Palm, Brown lacing

The Akadema AEA-65 softball catchers mitt has a 34” circumference pattern. It comes in two-tone leather, a double T-web, closed back w/ Grasp-Clasp Wrist System, and a deep pocket designed for a fast pitch softball catcher.

The AEA-65 is designed with Akadema’s Pro Thunderpocket to give a slamming sound when catching the ball. The Akadema Professional Slim Edge design ensures softer hands and larger catching surface. These features make this a great girls softball glove.

The Akadema AEA-65 is hand-crafted with select U.S. Steerhide. The Praying Mantis design of the AEA-65 also features a "Double Flexhinge" which makes the glove snap closed on contact. The Akadema AEA-65 is one of the best softball gloves available today!

Created for the Serious Competitive Fastpitch Player!

Select Right Hand throw if you throw with your right hand
Select LEFT Hand Throw if you throw with your left hand

Remember to wear a Batting Glove to protect the leather interior of your new AEA65 catchers mitt

NOTE: Although this is designed for female hands, many men use this for Mens Fastpitch Catchers Mitt. It will mold to just about any size hand if broken-in correctly.

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