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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Fastpitch Softball Gloves be used for Slowpitch Softball too?

Yes. Fastpitch Softball Gloves can also be used for Baseball.

What's the Difference between Fastpitch Gloves and Baseball Gloves?

The Main difference is that Akadema Fastpitch Gloves are designed for a ladies hand. They are a little smaller in the fingers and the finger stalls are a little closer together to make them fit a ladies hand better. Men and boys can still used them, your hand just may be too big.

What's a good size for my 11 year old daughter? She is a little bigger than some of the girls on her team.

Normally, we would suggest the Youth (Prodigy or Rookie Series) but in your case I would suggest moving into the Fastpitch Design Series. The AJB 74 is a 12 inch pattern, or the ACE70 is a13" pattern. The smaller finger stalls and Grasp Clasp Wrist system will help these gloves to be manageable on a smaller hand.

What is the difference between the Fastpitch Design and the Prosoft Design Series?

Fastpitch Design is designed for ladies and specifically the catchers mitts are for softball. The Prosoft Series is a mens glove, with larger finger stalls and such. Prosoft catchers mitts are for Baseball.  The leather and many other quality features are the same. It is the same US Steerhide as the Professional gloves. The leather is tanned to provide a quick break in.

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