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Ball Players Balm

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Made by Ballplayers, for Ballplayers

Ball Player's Balm products are all made individually, by hand, in the shop in North Carolina and they are all made using natural ingredients.
The Pro Glove Conditioner and the Game Ready Glove Conditioner are both designed to condition the leather of a glove, but there is one big difference between the two and how they perform.  
The Game Ready Glove Conditioner is designed to give players a competitive advantage because of its tackifying qualities.  It is recommended to be primarily used on the palm side of the glove but it can be used on the whole glove if the user desires.  This product is a blend of natural ingredients that have been researched and proven throughout history to be very nourishing for leather. 
The Pro Glove Conditioner is our high end, highest grade conditioner we offer.  It is also a blend of natural ingredients that have been researched and proven throughout history to be very nourishing for leather.  This product is even more nourishing than our Game Ready Glove Conditioner and this product is not designed with the tackifying qualities in mind.  This product is designed strictly for conditioning purposes and is great on many different types of leathers and great for restoration as well as regular glove maintenance.  
Many customers have been able to use our conditioners to help bring back much of the color in their gloves that has faded away due to use and exposure to sunlight.
The Glove Cleaner is a gentle soap type of cleaner that can be used on leather surfaces as well as cloth surfaces so customers can use it to clean the entire glove including the labels.  It is infused with a natural citrus ingredient so it smells great and helps to freshen the glove.  This ingredient is also said to have antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties.  
Both the Game Ready Glove Conditioner and the Pro Glove Conditioner are temperature sensitive, meaning they will melt if they get too hot.  If they do melt, they will re-solidify when put back into a climate controlled space.  It is recommended to keep them in a climate controlled space in order to avoid the melting to occur.  Melting will not damage the product in any way, it is just messy when melted.

Pro Quality Lace - Pro Quality Gloves - For Serious Players


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