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Leather Lace Colors 72 inch

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The Discontinued lace is on Clearance Page

This lace is available in 3/16 inch wide Or 1/4 inch wide and is 72 inches long.

Special sizes are available.


Answers to Questions You Might Ask

3/16 wide is the standard width for most baseball and softball gloves. This is the lace that is used most often on the heel, the palm, the fingers and sometimes on the top of the web. A lot of gloves use wider 1/4 inch lace for the web itself.  You should check before buying your lace.

This leather lace is available in many colors. It is Sold by singles. This is highest quality and consistent glove lace. Blue,Red,White and Many other colors available.

In most cases, you can use 3/16 inch lace in place of the 1/4 inch size. You may not be able to go vice versa because the holes may be too small.

Catchers mitts generally use 1/4 inch in the web and sometimes across the fingers.

There are generally 5 sections to relacing a glove. Palm, Heel, Thumb, Pinky, Fingers, Web. This varies on certain gloves.

One single 72 inch lace is usually enough to do two sections on fielders gloves. To be safe you should order at least three pieces to do a complete glove relacing. More for catchers mitts and first base mitts.

I'm sure you folks already know this but just for legalise sake. This is a natural product - from the hides of cattle. Therefore each hide will absorb and show the color slightly different. Sometimes 3/16 and 1/4 inch laces in the same color will not be exactly the same shade. Now, with that said - the tanneries almost always get it right. So grab some colored lace and walk out on the field with your new custom look glove. Play Ball!

How Much Lace Do I Need? Here is a Chart



Dark Tan lace from BuyFastpitchGloves.com

New Dark Tan

New Turquoise lace from BuyFastpitchGloves.com

New Turquoise

Burnt Orange Baseball Glove lace from BuyFastpitchGloves.com

Burnt Orange

Marina Blue Lace | Royal Blue Lace | Navy Blue Lace



Yellow, Burgundy Prime, Baseball Glove Lace

Yellow and Burgundy Prime

Colored Glove Lace | Teal | Orange | Dark Gray

Teal, Orange Peel, Dark Gray


Note: If you want Tan, Black or Chocolate lace, go here  Standard Lace
Available Colors:    
Cardinal Red (TT) Tennessee Tanning
Cardinal Red (AL) Auburn Leather Co.
Scarlet Red
Grenadine Red
Royal Blue
Wildcat Blue
Columbia Blue
Navy Blue
Sapphire Blue
Carolina Blue
Orange Peel - bolder shade of orange
Purple Viola
Burgundy Prime (great match to Primo)
Pink Magenta (a Bold Pink)
Kelly Green
Forest  Green
Pirate Yellow -like a Dandelion
Ochre Yellow - deeper yellow
Light Gray
Dark Gray
Dark Chocolate
Dark Brown (good match to Mocha gloves)
Dark Tan
Gold Foil
Silver Foil
Gold Metallic - Similar to Gold Foil but different
Black Metallic - like metallic paint on your car
** Something you may not know - the Burgundy Prime is a great alternative to that Primo oxblood - just saying...
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New Maroon and New Purple compare at BuyFastpitchGloves.com

Pro Quality Lace - Pro Quality Gloves - For Serious Players


(USA Destinations Only)

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