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AJT99 11" Rookie Series


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-AJT99 - 11" Right or left hand throw

-The Akadema AJT99 is has an 11" pattern for the younger player or those with smaller hands. This is a baseball glove created for younger players that are serious about baseball or softball and want to play like the stars on TV. The Akadema AJT99 is the Replica Manny Ramirez black baseball glove for younger players. The AJT99 is made with full grain leather in the construction for easy break-in and comfort.

-The AJT99 is a great glove for kids 6-10 years of age. The smaller size and quality leather construction make this a glove a younger player can be proud of and develop great mechanics by using. The H-web is see-through to allow you to keep eye contact on the ball when going for those high fly hits. The AJT99 comes with an open back with Grasp-clasp wrist system to help hold your hand securely in the glove. These features will help the younger player develop proper fielding mechanics because the glove fits snuggly and stays on your hand better.

-The AJT99 is available in Right Hand Throw and Left Hand Throw. The glove comes in Black.