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USA 134 H 12.75" Fielders Glove

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-Akadema USA-134H, 12.75 Inch Outfielder's Baseball Glove

-The Patriot USA 134H is hand crafted of the finest European Kip leather which is tanned in Japan and then brought back to New Jersey, USA to be cut and assembled by some of the industry's best baseball glove craftsmen. The Kip leather is 20% lighter and because of its tighter grain it is much stronger than even the best steerhide's available. These features help the USA 134H break-in process to be much shorter than other top line gloves.
-The Akadema Patriot USA-134H also features an H-web for a strong yet open design. The USA 134H is designed with a medium pocket which - according to many people that use this glove - "holds the ball in like glue". The pocket is designed to absorb all the spin and energy allowing the ball to sit in the glove longer.
-The USA 134H also features an open back for a traditional baseball glove feel. The American craftsmanship of the Akadema Patriot USA 134H is what makes this baseball glove one of the best you can find.
-The USA 134H baseball glove is designed specifically for outfield play. Many fastpitch and slowpitch softball players have also discovered that this glove line is perfect for top level play on the shorter, quicker fields of fastpitch softball.
-Thick 1/4 inch rawhide laces are used throughout the Akadema USA 134H to strengthen the web and make a stronger overall glove.
* 12.75 Inch Pattern
* H-Web
* Open Back
* Medium Pocket
* Hand-crafted using only the finest European Kip leather
* Available in Right or Left hand throw