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AMC 72 Fastpitch Series 12.5"


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-AMC 72 12.5" Fielders Glove Right or Left Hand Throw

-Recommended for Any Position for Fastpitch Softball

-This glove comes in Black leather with Bright Pink Embroidery and Stitching

-12.5” slim pattern, B-hive web with Akadema Pro’s Grasp-Clasp Wrist System. The Grasp Clasp locks a lady’s hand in the glove to ensure proper catching mechanics. The AMC 72 fast pitch glove was designed for a lady or girls hand providing small and thin fingerstalls, easy break-in, and a shorter distance between the thumb and index finger. This design gives the glove the look and feel of a smaller glove. It also results in a more manageable glove than most 12.5” gloves on the market. Right or Left Hand Throw.

-Throw: RHT or LHT
-Position Recommendations: All

Select Right Throw if you throw with your right hand (glove worn on left hand)
Select Left Throw if you throw with your left hand (glove worn on right hand)
Glove Conditioner is Free and is automatically added