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 Fastpitch Softball and Baseball Catchers Mitts!  

Catchers mitts are probably the most specific and don't look much like the other gloves. They are kind of round in shape and are measured by the circumference of the mitt. Fastpitch Softball Catchers Mitts usually are in the 33.5" to 34.5" range. Baseball catchers mitts are a little smaller and usually are in the 32" to 33" range.  Catchers mitts sometimes have added or special palm padding to help with the sting of a really fast pitcher. This allows the catcher to not need a batting glove inside the mitt, allowing them more control.  The patented Akadema Praying Mantis is the most innovative catcher's mitt ever to hit the market, with many unique features setting it apart from the competition. Akadema catchers mitts are available also as left handed catchers mitt. Get your new Akadema catchers mitt today, enjoy it for years to come.
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Akadema AEA65 Fastpitch Catchers mitt Praying Mantis

AEA 65 (34") Praying Mantis Fastpitch catchers mitt, two tone, double-T web, open back with Grasp clasp wrist system, small finger stalls...  $94.50  more...  Buy Now

Akadema APM 66 34.5 Fastpitch Catchers mitt Praying Mantis

APM 66(34.5") Praying Mantis Fastpitch catchers mitt, Spiral lock web, Wtress-Wedge Technology, double-sided Slim Padding, Triple hammack, open back...  $94.50  more...  Buy Now

Akadema AMC 165 Precision Fastpitch Catchers Mitt

AMC 165 34" Praying Mantis Fastpitch Catchers mitt, two tone with double-T web, open back, small finger stalls and a deep pocket. $149         more...    Buy Now...


"After using many different catchers mitts over the past 40 years, I only use the Akadema. My hands are too old to get them hurt, and I trust my Akadema. Having a glove you can trust is like having a friend you can trust. It never lets me down."  Mark Cooke Head Coach Winthrop University Eagles

More Baseball Catchers Mitts

 Akadema APM40 Catcher Mitt

APM 40 33.5" Praying Mantis pattern. Professional baseball catchers mitt. Spiral lock web, Stress-wedge, Double-sided Slim padding...$174.50     more...    Buy.

 Akadema APM 41 Catchers mitt

APM 41 33.5" Praying Mantis pattern. Precision Kip leather baseball catchers mitt. Spiral lock web, Stress-wedge, Double-sided Slim padding...  $174.99    more...    Buy.



 Akadema ADS90 Rookie Catcher

ADS 90 31" Praying Mantis pattern. Youth level full grain leather catchers mitt.  $44.50   more...   Buy...

 Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Catcher

AGC 98 32" Praying Mantis pattern. Stress-Wedge, Triple Hammock, Double-Sided Slim Padding, deep pocket...  $64.50   more...    Buy...

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"The Praying Mantis is the most innovative catchers mitt ever created" Gary Carter









Akadema catchers mitts for women and men. Fastpitch softball, catchers mitts, slowpitch softball catchers mitts and baseball catchers mitts. Find the best catchers mitt for you. Catchers gloves that are designed to fit a ladies hand. Fastpitch women's and men's catchers mitts. Akadema Catchers mitts for the professional fastpitch player. Catchers mitts for the competitive fastpitch or competitive baseball player. Left handed catchers mitts available too. Softball catchers gloves and Praying Mantis catchers fastpitch  softball mitts. Catchers fastpitch mitts with patented "stress wedge" technology. Catchers fastpitch gloves with the Praying Mantis additional Finger Hammocks allowing the fingers to be firmly positioned and more secure in the glove.  Akadema has some of the best fastpitch gloves made and you can find them right here. Order your Akadema fastpitch catchers mitt today.