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First Base  Fastpitch Gloves!  

There are even specific gloves for the First Basewoman. They are similar to a regular fielders glove but have more of a mitt shape to them. They are usually larger to help scoop up those "bad" throws. This larger size gives them more glove area to catch the softball with. There are still a lot of first basewomen that use a standard fielders glove also.

Fastpitch Design Series


ANF 71 (12.5")

More Baseball and Softball First Base  Mitts

Akadema AJJ254 ProSoft Series First Base Mitt

AJJ 254

12.5" ProSoft Series


Akadema AHC94 Prodigy Series First Base Mitt

AHC 94

11.5" Prodigy Series

Akadema ADT57 Torino Series First Base Mitt

ADT 57

13" Torino Series


Akadema ADJ154 Kip Series First Base Mitt

ADJ 154

12.5" Kip Series