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 Fastpitch Softball Infielder Gloves!  

Infielders generally prefer a smaller pattern, in the 12" to 12.5" range. This smaller size allows a quicker grab and quicker exchange of the ball to the throwing hand. There are some new designs that are almost fingerless. This allows you to scoop up that ground ball even quicker. sometimes an infielder prefers an open web like the outfielders and sometimes they like them closed to provide more stopping power and control.  Most of these gloves can also be used for Utility players as well. 

Fastpitch Design Series


AJB 74 (12")


ATS 77 (12.5")



ABU 73 (12.75")



ACE 70 (13") 




AMT 176 (13")



 More Infield Softball and Baseball Gloves

 Akadema ALN225 Infield 12.5 inch ProSoft Series

ALN 225 (12.5")

 Akadema AMK226 13 Utility glove Men's Prosoft Series

 AMK226 (13")

 Akadema ADH214 12

ADH214 (12")