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Pancake and Practice  Fastpitch Softball Gloves!  

The Akadema APG-97Pancake glove or Softhands glove is a great tool for developing solid fielding mechanics. It fits your hand like a regular glove but it does not have the pocket and size of a regular glove. The Pancake glove forces the player to use "Softhand" techniques to field the ball. The APG-97 comes in Right or Left Hand Throw.

The Akadema APS-288 Practice glove is a small 9.5" glove that can be used for infield practice. Its small size forces the player to focus on ball handling skills. The APS-288 practice glove comes in Right Hand Throw only.

These practice gloves are both great for oustide-on the field practice and especially for inside practice when the weather is bad. Use them for pre-game warmups to get yourself stoked for the game.



APG 97 Pancake Glove

APS 288 PracticeGlove