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Pink, Purple, Red, Blue. Colored Laces Make Custom Fastpitch Gloves Affordable

March 08, 2021 2 min read

Every player wants her fastpitch glove to be a custom glove. But most parents can't really afford to shell out the extra bucks for a custom softball glove. Now here is a way to get your kid a custom glove without that extra hundred buck price tag.

Just about every softball glove manufacturer will offer some kind of custom glove matrix. Where you can choose the leather color, the type of leather - extra stiff, pre-broken in, lace colors, back and palm colors. Special embroidery, you name it. If you are willing to spend the money you can have just about any color/leather combination you can dream of.

Thing is, those really tricked out custom fastpitch gloves can seriously trick out your pocket book too. If you aren't careful, you could end up paying almost three times the normal cost of that glove. But it would be sweet though!

So what can the average parent out here do. You know, those with two or three maybe four kids playing ball, going to band camp, doing dance. Jeez the list goes on. I know, I was in that group for about 20 years.

A couple things are available for the average joe. The simplest is to call up your fastpitch glove vendor and see if they will change the lace color for you. Some even offer it as an option right on their website now. It's usually called something like Custom Colored Glove Lacing. Look for it or do a web search, it will probably show up.

Another great way is to order some colored laces that fit your glove and just re-lace your kid's glove yourself. It really isn't that tough to do. There are some good ebooks on the subject too. Several glove forums offer good advice too. Just do another web search for 3/16 x 72 lace colors and you should find what you need. Most fielders gloves use 3/16 inch lace. Some catchers mitts will use 1/4 inch lace. Just do some checking before you order. I relaced a black fastpitch glove with purple and it looks sharp. Another kid had a black catchers mitt done with red lace and wow is it a sharp looking mitt.

It usually takes 3-4 pieces of 72 inch long laces to do a complete glove. If you are new to lacing, you should probably get another extra one just to be sure. Some of the softball glove sites have charts to help you decide how much lace to order.

You could always order the lace and then have a professional fastpitch glove repair or restoration guy do the actual re-lace job for you. There are several online, just do a search for them.

So to keep your bottom line a little less scary, and have enough left over to get yourself a new fly fishing rod - do a quick web search for Custom Colored Glove Lacing and find some cool color choices for your kid's fastpitch glove. At your next tournament look around and see what colors look cool. Then get online and do a search for those 3/16 x 72 lace colors and give your kid an affordable custom fastpitch glove that no other kid has.