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Clearance Lace

CL Red Spur AL
CL Chocolate AL
CL White AL
CL Cardinal Red AL
CL Columbia Blue TT
CL Ochre Yellow AL

This lace is first quality lace. It's either discontinued or from an older batch and may not match our current colors.

Most of this lace is from old lots that don't match our current stock of lace. We hate sending out lace that doesn't match, so now YOU get to enjoy BIG Savings on this first quality lace.

Sometimes a hide just doesn't take the dye quite right. Since we buy in large quantities, we kind of have to keep it and now you get to reap some Huge Savings on top quality lace.

If you have a hankerin' for a different color scheme on your old glove, or maybe you have a customer asking for something "Different", well this bucket of lace just might have what you are looking for.

Check the list of colors. If you see something in the picture but not on the list just shoot over an email to and we will take a look in the bucket and see if we can find it!

Some of it was used for photographs, so it may have some tape on it in a couple spots.

We can't accept returns on these, but you are saving enough to cover that little risk. We just need to move these out to make room for our high quality, regular stock lace.