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Leather Baseball Glove Lace

Indian Tan AL
Havana Tan TT
Camel AL
White AL
Chocolate AL
Dark Chocolate AL
Dark Chocolate TT
Burgundy Prime
Maroon TT
Dark Brown AL
Dark Tan AL
Cardinal Red AL
Cardinal Red TT
Scarlett Red AL
Red Spur AL
Orange Peel AL
Pirate Yellow AL
Yellow Ochre
Light Gray AL
Dark Gray AL
Kelly Green
Dark Green TT
Forest Green
Gold Foil
Silver Foil
Gold Metallic AL
Black Metallic AL
Carolina Blue TT
Columbia Blue TT
Royal Blue TT
Wildcat Blue AL
Sapphire Blue
Pink Magenta AL
Bright Pink Tulip
Purple TT
Purple Viola

Repair your glove quickly with In-Stock Leather Lace

  • Over 40 colors of lace
  • Both Standard sizes available in many colors
  • No minimum quantity
  • Buy 1 piece or 100 pieces - whatever you need
  • No need to keep bulk stock of product at your shop
  • No need to deal with lengthy tannery schedules and logistics
  • Fast Shipping on in stock lace
  • Lace sourced from the best tanneries

Matching your customer's team colors is not a problem anymore. At BFG you will find over 40 colors of lace to choose from. And those colors are stocked in both standard sizes and in a few specialty sizes as well.

3/16 inch wide is the standard width for most baseball and softball gloves. This is the lace that is used most often on the heel, the palm, the fingers and sometimes on the top of the web. Some gloves use the wider 1/4 inch lace for the web itself. You should check before buying your lace. 

This lace is cut from leather that is 6-7 oz, which means it is about 2.5mm thick. This is a pro quality lace. Of course, being a natural product the thickness can vary but our tanneries do a great job of splitting it to a consistent thickness.

Lace colors may vary from each tannery. Stiffness usually varies depending on tanning method. TT uses an alum based tanning method that produces a much stiffer lace, especially in the the Havana Tan color lace.

In most cases you can use 3/16 inch lace in place of 1/4 inch size. You may not be able to go vice versa because the holes may be too small.

Catchers mitts will usually use 1/4 inch in the web and sometimes across the fingers.

There are generally 5 sections to replacing the glove. Palm, Heel, Thumb, Pinky, Fingers, Web. This varies on certain gloves.

One single 72 inch lace is usually enough to do two sections on fielders gloves. To be safe you should order at least three pieces to do a complete glove replacing. More for catchers mitts and first base mitts.