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Soft Side Replacement Thumb Loop


Soft Sided Replacement Thumb Loops


-Our Proprietary Custom design is a Specially Made Baseball Glove Thumb and Pinky Loop with Rolled Edges and Pre-Punched Holes. These leather loops can be used for either the Thumb Loop or as the Pinky Loop. These can be used for either a Right hand or Left hand glove. They are made of the same high quality leather as our Baseball Glove Lace.

-Rolled Edges for Comfort

-Our latest GEN 2 version of thumb and pinky loops come with Rolled Edges for a much more comfortable fit. We added some wings and rolled them over and stitched them up to make those hard edges softer on the thumb or pinky. Even better than most factory loops to keep you on the field and making plays longer.

-Pre-Punched Holes for Easier Installation

-We have also added Pre-Punched holes to make the installation process even easier. You can just lace these right into the glove as you lace up the heel. We kept them long so you can stitch them in if you choose - and you have one of those really cool leather sewing machines.

-Our thumb loops are designed so that you can custom fit them into your glove. Since all gloves are not made the same, it can be tough to fit pre-made loops into the holes on some gloves. So we had these specially cut with some extra room at the bottom that you can trim to fit your glove. Lots of choices on how you decide to use these thumb loops.

-The lace ends are thin enough to fit through most holes yet thick and strong enough to hold tight for a long time and lots of games. Just add a good coating of your favorite leather conditioner and lace this loop right into your glove.

-Available in Tan, Black, Camel and Red leather. More colors coming soon.

-We still have a few of our Original Replacement Thumb and Pinky Loops if you like that style