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RCV125 12.5 inch Fast Pitch Glove


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RCV125 12.5 inch Fast Pitch Glove
-by Vinci Pro

-Right Handed Thrower ONLY - Great Middle Infield Softball Glove

-The RCV125 is an all leather glove ideal for fast pitch! Vinci Pro gloves are the finest handcrafted gloves on the market and are designed with quality in mind. You can have the same quality the professionals wear with a Vinci.

-Individually handcrafted by Master Craftsman with years of experience and training, Our signature Vinci exclusive deep pocket design allows for better control and less spin. They also come with heavy-duty thumb and pinky loops, along with thumb and pinky supports which help retain the glove shape.

-The high-quality Deer Tanned Cowhide interior leather lining finger stalls are specially treated for a more comfortable feel. Our gloves also come shipped to you with our special glove conditioner. Utilizing our glove conditioner dramatically decreases break in time on our gloves and protects the glove for years of use.

-These gloves are handcrafted with Vinci's exclusive Comfort-Feel genuine Kip leather, for the best feel and comfort in the industry. This Kip leather allows the gloves to be durable, yet playable and retain their shape longer. Inside, players will find heavy-duty thumb and pinkie loops as well as supports, with thicker fiber which helps the glove retain its shape.

-Right Handed Thrower ONLY
-Web Style: Horseshoe Basket Web
-Color: Black
-Size: 12.5
-Baseball Position: 3B, Outfield
-Softball Position: Infield