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Optimus BM 13 inch Baseball Glove


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OPTIMUS BM 13 inch Baseball Glove
-by Vinci Pro

-Vinci’s best gloves yet!                  

-The Vinci Optimus BM is an outfielder’s glove made from a new top of the line Walnut colored leather. This new leather was selected and rigorously tested for over two years by the Vinci Research and Development team to ensure that the gloves in the Optimus series are Vinci’s best gloves yet!

-Vinci's Signature Deep Pocket

-Maintaining Vinci’s Signature Deep Pocket Design while adding even more durability, this 13 inch Vinci outfielder’s baseball glove is everything you expect from a Vinci glove and so much more. Highlights include a closed back design and dual H-Post web style, as well as a mesh back in black. The attractive look of the rolled welting against the Walnut color is sure to get you noticed!


-The Vinci Research and Development department has been working for the past two years to bring you the newest Vinci Pro glove series, the Optimus series. The Optimus series already made its way into the Major Leagues as gloves in this series were tested throughout the 2012 season at the Major League level.

-Every glove in this new series features a new top of the line leather, never before used in a Vinci glove. The new leather is exclusively available in Walnut color. This leather has proven to be very durable and provides a unique feel that we think Vinci Pro fans will appreciate.

-Gloves in the Optimus series are also made with rolled welting which makes for a better looking glove. By far, this is the best Vinci Pro Baseball glove series to date, which is why it was named “Optimus,” which is the Latin word meaning “BEST.”

Web Style H Web
Glove Back Closed Back
Color Walnut
Glove Size 13 inch
Baseball Position Pitcher/Outfield
Softball Position Any