Replica Vintage Gloves

Play Ball the Old School Way

The Hoboken Collection from Akadema are exact replicas of the original gloves used by some of the games most famous players of different eras. Remakes of gloves used by such names as Yogi Berra, Babe Ruth, Bob Feller, Lou Gerhig and Dazzy Vance. These gloves are made from high quality leather and are ready to play.


H1929 Babe Ruth glove
Orig.: From $110.00
Sale: From $89.99
Vintage Baseball
Orig.: $29.99
Sale: $19.99

Vintage Baseball Gloves


Rescued from the garage and Restored to their previous glory. Most of these vintage baseball and softball gloves are going to be for decoration only. There are a few that can and should be taken back to the ball field and used for another lifetime.


Wilson A2640 Glenn Beckert Pro Model                Hutch DP 30 Play Master

Wilson A2640 Glenn Beckert  (game ready)                                  Hutch DP30  Play Master ( before and after )

( SOLD )



Sears 1617

Sears 1617