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Akadema Pro Glove Conditioner

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-Akadema® Professional's Glove Conditioner ...
is just the right mixture of leather conditioners to do the job. Designed to help the break-in process, Akadema's Glove Conditioner helps seal the correct ingredients in the leather, while adding little or no weight to the glove. This process gives your glove longevity and continued success on the field.
-Apply a small amount to your new glove when you get it, rub it in being certain to get all the seams and laces. Then tie your new glove with a ball inside and let it stand overnight before playing catch. This will help your break in process and provide a coating of protection.
-When your fastpitch glove gets dirty, wipe it with a clean cloth and apply a small amount of Akadema Glove Conditioner to restore it to its like new condition. Caring for your new glove will help it last many years. Your new softball glove is made of the highest quality leather and designed for the best softball players in the world - just like you. Take care of your glove and it will take care of you on the field!
>> This stuff is also great for cleaning and protecting your leather softball spikes. <<