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Rawlings Glove Conditioners


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-Rawlings Glovolium
-Advanced Formula Glove Treatment with Lanolin
-"Glovolium is the best-selling baseball glove oil of all time" - according to Rawlings and Tanners. I tend to agree as it is a great break-in oil.
-The advanced formula contains natural emollients and cleaning agents to help break-in, preserve, soften and protect your glove. A little applied to a clean dry cloth then rubbed on your glove will help you break-in that stiff, new baseball glove much quicker and will help to protect it longer.
-This product comes in a 4 ounce squirt bottle and should be enough to break-in several gloves or protect and recondition yours for a long time.
-Start with only a few drops to see how it affects your leather - especially if it is a light color leather. Remember, you can always add more, but it's really hard to take it off if you put too much on at first!
Grab your bottle today and go break-in that new glove.