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AMT 176 13" Utility Precision Fastpitch Series

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-Akadema Precision Fastpitch Series

-These softball gloves are designed for professional fastpitch players. Those players demand only the best because that is what they give out on the field. Professional fastpitch players like Clare Burnum and Kristina Thorson are the kind of all star pro's that use Akadema Precision Fastpitch gloves. Made for the Best Fastpitch Players in the World!

-AMT 176 13" Utility Precision Fastpitch Series
-Orig.: $215.00
-Sale: $139.50

-Akadema uses the best Precision European Kip leather in this series of professional gloves. The Kip leather is 20% lighter and tighter grained than steerhide making them stronger and more pliable. The Precision Fastpitch gloves are easier to break in and have more tensile strength than our competitors glove lines. These features make this a better, stronger, lighter, longer lasting glove. Only the best materials for the best players in the world.