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Mystery Lace Bundles

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These Mystery Lace Bundles are Defective lace that is still great to use in your glove. These are new laces, but they have defects so we won't sell them as our standard lace.

Some have nicks or cuts in them, some are cut too thin or too short. Most are the full 72 inches though. Some of them are mistakes from skiving, or maybe they are off color a bit.

These will be perfect for quick fixes when color match doesn't matter. And they are reduced price to make the defects less noticable.

These are bundles of 10 laces, colors and sizes are a mix of whatever was hanging on the rack. Some bundles may have a few of the same colors, some bundles are 10 different colors.

They are very limited quantity and they usually go FAST! So grab a bundle or two while you can.