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Lace Skiving and Thinning Service


BFG is offering lace splitting/skiving service to our customers so that the lace better fits in the palm and heel area of your glove. We’ll split up to 10 pieces of lace for $5, with every increment of 10 an additional $5. Just tell us how many laces of each color to split. This extra step does take a little more time and effort, but it also provides a top-quality relace and more comfortable feel. 

To take advantage of our lace splitting service

  • Add the quantity of laces you need to your cart
  • Add this Splitting Service to your cart
  • Tell us how many of those laces you need split in the notes box on the checkout page

For example: need 5 pieces to do the relace, and want two of those split? Order 5 laces and then tell us which two (color and size) you want split. 

We normally will split the lace to approximately 4 1/2 ounce leather, or about 2 mm in thickness (for reference, most of our standard lace is cut from 6- or 7-ounce leather, which is just under 1/8" thick (approx. 2.75mm). That small difference makes a big difference in how the lacing feels on your hand inside the glove.

Most gloves only use this thinner lace in the palm, heel, thumb and pinky areas, as those areas don't receive as much stress from catching the ball. The web or pocket and across the finger tops should use the standard thicker lace, since there is a lot of stress put on those areas during normal play.

Note: if you have an odd lacing pattern, you might add an extra piece just to be sure.