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Specialty Size Lace

Indian Tan AL
Cardinal Red AL
Wildcat Blue AL
Camel AL

Special Size Lace for Finger Hole and Thinner Lace for Palm and Heel

  • 3 oz lace for Finger hole
  • 5 oz lace for Palm area

Finger Hole Lace Problem Solved

If you need some lace for that finger hole you find on closed back baseball gloves, try our Finger Hole Lace, it is thinner at about 3 oz (1-2 mm) thickness.

Palm and Heel area giving you problems?

This specialty lace is just a little thinner. At only 5 ounce weight, it makes a great piece of lace to use in the palm and heel area of your glove restoration. This lace is 3/16 x 5oz x 72 inch, similar to our Standard lace but just a little lighter weight leather.

Now you don't need to go out and buy yourself a leather splitter, this lace is ready to go out of the package. It is tanned from the same high quality leather as all our other special color lace.

Our Specialty Size Leather Lace is available in Tan, Black, Cardinal Red and Wildcat Blue.

Grab some today and make your next glove restoration job a little easier.

Leather is usually measured by weight, in ounces. The convention is that 1 ounce leather is 1/64 inch thick. So a standard 6-7 ounce leather would be 6/64 - 7/64 inch (they almost always give themselves a 2 ounce range), That is almost, but not quite 1/8 inch thick - 8 oz would be 1/8 inch thick leather.

So our specialty size lace in 5 ounce is 5/64 inch which is just slightly thicker than 1/16 inch thick. The width is still at 3/16 inch.

Most leather comes from the cow (or steer) at about 10-11 ounce, which is pretty thick and way too thick to use for lace in a ball glove. So that leather is usually split down to a more usable weight and then finished for use in your gloves.

Just because I thought you might like to know - old dairy cows tend to make the best leather for baseball glove lace. They have fewer scares and I guess they tend to live a less stressful life.