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Vintage Style Lace - 5/32x72 inch

Indian Tan AL

Make Your Old Ball Glove Look New Again

Have you been looking all over for some lace to restore your old glove from your youth? Or maybe you found an old glove that needs some sprucing up. These laces are new leather baseball glove lace but in that old school style. Now you don't have to try to find matching lace from your stash of used laces.

Vintage Style Lace to Fit Vintage Gloves

These Vintage Style laces are 5/32 inch wide and come in 72 inch lengths. Many older gloves made in the early 1970's and before used this width. The lace is even a bit thinner - it is only 5 oz leather. That just means it is thinner and will fit easier into those old style metal grommets. And the length is generally long enough to finish a whole section of your glove.

Right now these laces are available in three of the more common colors to match vintage ( used, dried out, faded, old - you get what I mean ) leather.  We have them in Tan, Chestnut and Black. The Chestnut is a great match to some of those old early 70's Wilson gloves, and the Tan and Black match most of the others.