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Pecard Baseball Glove Dressing


Restore the Natural Beauty of your glove

  • Make your dirty, dry glove look new again
  • Bring the lustre back
  • Protect and Preserve your leather baseball glove
  • Used by many glove care professionals
  • Neutral color paste
  • Pleasant smell
  • Buff to a tacky sheen

Pecard's Glove conditioner  is a neutral color paste that cleans, conditions, preserves and weatherproofs all smooth oil-tanned baseball and softball gloves.

This conditioner is used by many glove restoration companies to restore the natural beauty of your softball glove. This cream conditioner will not discolor your leather. It will bring back the new color to an old, dry misused baseball glove.

Pecards glove conditioner is light yet takes a heavy hand to seemingly worn out leather softball gloves. Pick up a tub today and restore the lustre to your glove.