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ABU-73 12.5" Utility Fastpitch "Reptilian" Series

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-ABU-73 – Left Hand Throw

-Designed For: Utility - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, SS, Pitcher, Outfield

-Glove Color: Brown Back, Tan Web and Palm, Brown lacing

-The Akadema ABU-73 softball glove has a 12.5" Reptilian pattern, a B-hive web, Akadema Pro's Grasp-Clasp Wrist System, and a deep pocket designed for an infielder, outfielder, or pitcher.

-The ABU-73 was designed by and was the game-day glove of Crystl Bustos, 2000 Team USA shortstop and Olympic gold medalist. The ABU-73 Reptilian was designed for a lady or girl’s hand providing small and thin fingerstalls, easy break-in, and a shorter distance between thumb and index finger, allowing the glove to be more manageable. This makes the Akadema ABU-73 a great girls softball glove.

-The AkademaLyte leather used on the back of the glove allows for a lighter and more manageable feel. The US Steerhide construction throughout the pocket and webbing provides for a strong durable glove. The 12.5" pattern is perhaps the most versatile in the entire fastpitch line, perfect for the player who plays more than one position. These features make the Akadema ABU-73 one of the best softball gloves available today.

-The Reptilian's near fingerless design creates a natural air pocket which acts as a shock absorber for initial ball impact, making glove to hand transfer smoother and quicker. When the ball initially hits the glove, it makes a depression that allows the ball to sit longer in the glove. The near fingerless design also acts as a shovel for easier ground ball scooping. With virtually no breaking points within the pocket, the Reptilian® is designed to keep its unique shape longer than a regular glove.
-Created for the Serious Competitive Fastpitch Player!